Fire & Smoke Damage Investigations

Has Your Building Been Exposed To Smoke From A Forest Fire? Wild Fires can Produce Toxic Contaminants That Can Cause Serious Health Problems.

Thick black smoke produced by wild forest fires is filled with toxins that can contaminate the interior living spaces of buildings. Don’t make the mistake of moving back into your property without taking the necessary precautions to protect your family or employees. At Pacific West Home Inspections, you will receive the following professional service and more:

  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Investigator.
  • Provide A Complete Detailed On-Site Visual Assessment Survey.
  • Take Samples And Have Them Tested At Our Affiliated Lab.
  • Provide A Detailed Narrative Report With Photos Of Investigation Results.
  • Fully Explain The Details Of The Report And Answer All Your Questions.
  • Provide You With Recommendations For Remediation.

Pacific West Building Consultants offers a wildfire-related testing program. It is designed for analysis of fire residues for presence of char, black carbon, soot and ash. The results of this test to the client offers valuable information related to the extent of damage produced by a fire at a location (residential, commercial, industrial or other type of buildings). These results can be used for cleaning assessment and/or insurance claims.

We offer a diverse combination of analytical levels depending on the complexity of the methods used in the analysis and tailored to the client’s specific needs. The analysis levels are listed below, the analytical complexity level and the overall value of the package increases from level 1 to 4.

Level 1: Char + Soot * + Ash
Level 2: Char + Soot (confirmation level) + Ash
Level 3: Char + Soot (confirmation level) + Ash+ Common Components of Environmental Dust (such as fibrous glass, biological material, cellulose, synthetic fibers, pollen, quartz, calcite)
Level 4: Char + Soot (confirmation level) + Ash+ Common Components of Environmental Dust (fibrous glass, biological material, cellulose, synthetic fibers, pollen, quartz, calcite) + Elemental Composition of Soot, Char, and Ash by SEM/EDX + pH (to determine overall corrosively of the dust)

Level 1 is a screening level, very affordable and valuable for quick and easy assessment of the overall degree of contamination. Soot analysis is limited to presumptive analysis level only*. The following is tested and analyzed for.
– Carbonized Material (Char)
– Carbonized Material (Ash)
– Black Carbon (Soot)
This is the level of testing that will be undertaken for the present circumstances.

Your health can deteriorate and be seriously affected by toxic contamination caused by fire. Pacific West Home Inspections can test your residential or commercial building to make sure it is safe for you, your family and/or employees.

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