For the past 25 plus years, the following short testimonies is a small sample of what thousands of my past clients and other business professionals have been saying about Dave Brice of Pacific West Home Inspections.

Thanks, Dave,
Yes, Crystal and Peter told me they were very happy with your service. I will definitely pass your info along to prospective clients.

Kelly Roberts

Royal LePage - Nakusp

Hi Dave
I received your report & have saved it for Lavonne. I will give her a hard copy in the morning. Thanks for your service! I haven’t read the report (I will in a moment!) but I’m very confident in your thoroughness and great interaction with your customers! If the opportunity arises in the future; I will highly recommend you or use your services again.
I or Lavonne will contact you if we have any questions.
Sorry Dave. Meant for my realtor. By the way he was very impressed as to how thorough you were. Have a great day.

Bill Hughes per Lavonne Nordli

Royal LePage - Nakusp

Hi Dave, thank you for this very detailed report, the reason we hired you. Looks like we may require future services as we are not moving forward with this home or this realtor. Time spent with you and reading this report has lead us to believe other homes are out there. We definitely provide testimonial.


Esther & Hubert

Royal LePage - Nakusp

As first time home buyers we were comfotable with Dave from the beginning. Our inspection was very thorough, the report was detailed and easy to understanda as well as received in a timely fashion. We would highly recommend Dave Brice as a home inspector, very professional.

Mrs Chelsea Doering

I was literally “on the fence” wither to inspect the home I was interested in, afterall, it was not even 10 years old! After a brief chat with Dave Brice, I decided it was the best choice to go ahead with an inspection. His findings revealed a very uncommon problem, one in fact that I have never heard of. Dave’s diligence and experience led him in a direction, with his suspicion of what this issue was, when I was provided with his findings I was so grateful that I had the home inspected. The time and expense of the inspection had just paid off in a huge way!!

Thank you Dave!!

Note To Reader: This was in regards to an inspection were my investigation reveiled that the home may have Chinese drywall board installed and could be off gasing Sulphides.

Glenn H

Hi Dave:

I appreciate what you have done for my client Glen. Just so you know you are on my list of top inspectors. I have to give my clients a choice and cannot send them just to you but your name is at the top of the list.

I hope we can work together soon.

Note To Reader: This was in regards to an inspection were my investigation reveiled that the home may have Chinese drywall board installed and could be off gasing Sulphides.

Larissa Hadley, Managing Broker

Century 21 Rison Realty

Thank you Dave for the great job, and for assuring that I am passing this home on to it’s new owners in good order. Much appreciated! I definitely will recommend you to others…
Firstly, thank you for the information. I can assure you I will be following all your recommendations. I prefer to prevent problems and not pass them along. As I always like to think positively about people, I am sure the C****** Home Inspector has some good qualifications but I can positively say knowledge about electrical issues is not one of them. I also thought maybe there is a higher standard for electrical safety issues now than there was five years ago when I had it previously assessed but it seems that there were some fairly basic things that just were not cited at all. In addition I found out that the buyers to my trailer had an inspection done as well, by C****** Home … although some Realtors may be recommending this inspector, I can assure you my Realtor will not be. He is very appreciative of your thoroughness, and expertise. Although it was an unexpected cost, it was a well worth the money for my peace of mind.
The Notary who inquired about the home inspectors was Jan M. Letoureau, I will be dropping 2 of your business cards to her on Monday, I hope she will be able to pass your services along.
Thanks again!

Note To Readers: Client was selling her mobile home and I inspected it before selling and found that the certification lable was a fake with several evident electrical issues. Becasue the previous home inspector did not see the obvious, my client spent $1,800.00 for an electrician to fix several issues and have the mobile home recertified and validated. To avoid such a mistake to happen to you, contact Dave Brice, a certified building technician.

Dari Graham

Dealing with a new home purchase at “arms length” – me being in Calgary and the property in New Denver, B.C., and especially as being unfamilier with the pitfalls that can occur, I found Mr Brice to be a true professional. His guidance and suggestions were invaluable, and found his inspection report to be not only thorough and concise, but enlightening as well. I would heartly endorse his services to anyone looking for a friendly, professional guide through the process. He was also able to conduct the inspection in a timely fashion, which helped smooth the way for my purchase. Much appreciated, Dave!

Mr Bob Gould

Calgary, Alberta.

Hi Dave

Very professional report! I will recommend your services in the future to others. We will start the process with the school and try to move this forward.
(Mold Investigation & Air Sampling)

David L. Brough

President, Precision Capital Partners Inc.

Hi Dave

The report looks great! Thank you for coming out to do the inspection. Chantelle and I greatly appreciated your thoroughness and the time you put into inspecting the home. We will be sure to recommend you to anyone we know looking for a home inspection.


Dave Brice was recommended to us by some friends who had just used him for their own building inspection and had been very impressed with the service they received.

Dave was very professional, thorough and eager to work with us right from the start. He made it a stress free process. One call and everything was set up! We worried that we may have to wait a while but even with it being the holidays (Christmas), Dave made time for us right away.
Once the inspection was complete we met Dave at the property and he explained his findings, and showed us all of the main points picked up, whilst answering any extra questions we had about the property.
We received the report the same day as the inspection, it was extremely detailed and well worded, including photos of all of the findings which we found really useful.

We strongly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a building inspection and really feel like every aspect was covered and that we got excellent value for our money.
Thanks Dave!

Ms Becky Phillips

Thank you very much for this. They were indeed pleased and I was able to get them a substantial amount of money off the previously accepted sale price as a result of your findings.
I would be happy to add your information to my referral sheet I include in my Buyer books and would be pleased to help anyone you may send my way with the assurance that I will treat them with the utmost respect and professionalism.
Kind regards,

Ms Daneille Doucet

Professional Realtor, Royal LePage Realty

What a fantastic inspection. The insite you bring with your expertise is outstanding. We have had other inspections in the past using so-called “Registered Inspectors” of another association and they do not even come close to your expertise. Having an reinspection using your services found several major and serious items that the other inspector had missed and that the selling realtor had not disclosed. You saved us tens of thousands of dollars and put us in a life saving position. A million thanks.

Tom Burguss

Professional Realtor, Royal LePage Realty

Thank you Dave. That was the best building inspection and report we ever recieved and we have had several in the past. The time that you spent with us at and during the inspection was very valuable. Im sorry for the way that our Realtor was bashing you during the inspection trying to debunk seriouis issues that you where pointing out as not being seruios but minor. However, with the contactors you refered, the cost for repairs was thousands of dollars instead of hunmderds like the Realtor indicated. If we ever or any of our family, freinds and business associates need any type of an inspection, your name will be refered for sure.

Paul & Linda Davis

I am thankful that I did not go with the Realtor recommended so-called home inspector (recommend only one) and used your services. The past home inspection I had was one of those other association inspectors which I think is just plan crap and always hearing about them being sued for missing a lot. You did an excellent job and far exceeded my expectations, very professional. You do look out for your clients best interest.

Jerry Flanders

Thank goodness we found your services and looked for our own home inspector instead of useing the only one inspector referal from the Realtor in Sorrento, what a red flag that was. You did an exceptional job beyond our expectations. We were astonished like yourself that the mobile home was for sale and that there was no recertification for the electrcial done before listing. Thanks for saving us thousands of dollars

Mr & Mrs Henderson

Dave thanks for doing such a great job in the inspection. My sister Sherrie said that you are very good and are way better then the one she had do her place she bought. Your recommendation of having a certified ROWP inspect the septic system saved us $25,000. for a new one to be put in.


Your assistance in helping us find the right home is very much appreciated, specially finding the roof rot problem at the south side of the roof that the other inspector did not see. I will recommend your services to others looking to buy in the area. Thanks again.

Randy & Michelle R

Thank you for your great inspection. I will definitely recommend you.


You did an awesome job on the inspection and we realty appreciate you accommodating us as promptly as you did. Thanks again!

Stienie & Alfie

May I thank you’re for the thoroughness of the inspection and the excellent and detailed report. Following your report and a further personal inspection of the property we decided not to proceed with the purchase, your report was extremely helpful.

Harry O’Neill

Thank you Dave for your quick response in the inspection of our house on Sunset Point. Your thorough inspection was very useful in the purchase of an out of province sale. We appreciate allowing us to pay by invoice after your inspection was completed so conditions can come off (this allowing a quick completion date for our new home).Your service will be highly recommended to our friends and business associate in the future.
Thank you again

Calvin B

On June 1st, your performed a home inspection for me. Thank you for e-mailing it to me. I have had a number of home inspections done over the years. Yours is very concise, thorough, and easy to understand. Thank you.
Kind regards

Mr Cal Keen

I really appreciate you on getting on top of this report as fast as you did. Your report is very comprehensive and I’m glad you brought to light all the defects of the said property. I don’t light any skeletons in the closet and I expect to hear the good with the bad and needless to say you have in covered to perfection as usual. I also appreciate this confidential report you sent as well and it gives me a peace of mind. Have a great weekend.

Bye for now

Larry Dick

Remax Realty

We are pleased to enclosed our cheque in settlement of your invoice. We also wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your prompt service. The fact that you were able to provide us with a copy of the report on the same day that you conducted the inspection was simply outstanding. We will have no hesitation in recommending your services to others requiring an inspection.

Ron & Helen P

Thank you very much for your careful inspection of the house on Downie Street in Revelstoke and your thorough report. It is invaluable in helping us make the best decision for our needs. Your patient & thoughtful explanations in response to our questions were really appreciated. Please find enclosed our cheque & we would not hesitate to call you or recommend your services in the future.

Laura S

Thank you Dave for coming to our home in Chase & inspecting out pellet stove. You really do a great folder in the report – great job!

Hazel S

Thanks for the great job! We were very impressed with the layout and content of your report. With the results of your inspection in hand, we were in a position to renegotiate the terms of purchase on the property. The investment was well worth the results.
Thanks again

Dick & Miki M

Thanks for sending the report by e-mail. We just got your hard copy yesterday afternoon in the mail. I really appreciate it. We’re making arrangements to replace all the galvanized plumbing. I just have a few minutes here to drop a note to you so I want to say thanks.

Shane & Marion H

Thank you for a very good report. Very professional. And thanks for going back and checking out the attic. That meant a lot to me. In the end I didn’t buy it. The cost to remove the asbestos ducts was way to much, over my budget with everything else I wanted to do to that place. Ill call you again when I find my “dream house”


Karin W

Best ever inspection ever. If you ever need to use us as a referance, please feel free to list on your sheet Thank you

Curt & Kasandra G

Thank you for providing the prompt home inspection on the property in Sorrento. We appreciate the thorough inspection which highlighted the structural issues. If we have requirement of your services again, we’ll definitely give you a call.

Arlene S

Thanks again for the inspection. It certainly gave me a thorough understanding of the property and house. My decision was an easy one to make after reading your report.
All the best

Judy B

Thank you so much for the very well written report. It was great working with you and we certainly will recommend you to our friends and colleagues. We did tell both Real Estate agents about your service.


Joan D

Thank you for the prompt way in which you handled or request. It was greatly appreciated. We will indeed pay attention to the areas you indicated and are pleased that the house is in such good shape


Kim R

Thanks for the very well put together report. We appreciate your help & advice. All the best in the future.


Dave S & Heather B

Thanks for your great report. Well done! I’ll call you if I have house questions.


Thanks very much. We were very happy with your service.


Peter & Michelle

This is for the inspection on 415 – 1st Street West in Revelstoke. Thanks for a great job & doing it at
such short notice. We really appreciate the time you spent with us & woud’nt hesitate to use your
services again should the need arises. The Realtors here should be only handing out your business card.

Simon, Mark & Niel

Thanks very much for the very thorough report.

Gord R

Please find enclosed the cheque for your services. Thanks again for your thoroughness + pictures.

Kevin & Brenda L

Thank you for the home inspection on Canim Lake – Hendrix Road. We realy appreciate the promptness + thorougness of your report and wanted you to know we would not hesitate to recommend your services.


Wilf & Leona

Thank you for the fast and detailed inspection. It has made us able to buy a home when we are out of province with confidence.

Dave & Cheryl M

Thanks very much. The inspection report will be invaluable in making needed repairs.

Dan C

Thank you for sending the home inspection report to us so quickly. We appreciate the thorough job you did, even though the property was a cottage. We Also appreciate you taking the job on such short notice and on a Saturday of the long weekend to boot. We found the report to be thorough and complete and we appreciate the time you took to go through everything with use.


Bill & Anne O

Thank you very much for the report and the timely delivery. We also appreciate the phone summery that you provided. We will probably proceed ahead with this deal on the basis of your report.

Thank you

Russ P

Thanks for your prompt response to your request for inspection on Emerald Crescent. The report looks complete and very informative. Mary Jo and I will be using your work as a guide to improve the property, and I hope we get a chance to meet you in person to express our thanks.


Terry W

Thank you for your home inspection services. Well done! We will definitely recommend you in the future.

All the best

Melanie R